Recipe and allergen information

Our cake menu changes with the seasons and the ingredients available, here is a list of our favourites.

Most of these flavours are available in mini loaves, tray bakes or round cakes for slicing, and many can be used for wedding cakes and celebration cakes too.

flavours backgroundRegular recipes

  • Apple and cinnamon: made with Bramley apples and walnuts, great hot or cold with cream or ice cream
  • Liquorice and orange: light liquorice sponge with pieces of soft liquorice & drizzled with a tangy orange glaze, something a bit different
  • Courgette and lime: a surprisingly light, moist sponge with grated courgette for texture and a lime cream cheese frosting or a zingy lime drizzle
  • Chocolate: the world’s best chocolate cake (at least we think so), choose your favourite frosting: chocolate, peanut butter, orange, salted caramel, raspberry… the list goes on
  • Morello cherry and marzipan: whole cherries and pieces of marzipan, what could possibly go wrong?
  • Peanut butter: peanut butter sponge with peanut butter frosting, crushed peanuts and a dark chocolate drizzle
  • Elvis cake: our famous banana & chocolate chip cake with a peanut butter frosting, uh huh
  • Lemon and blueberry: made with yoghurt, this light sponge has whole blueberries and a lemon syrup
  • Raspberry and vanilla: moist vanilla sponge made with real vanilla pods and topped with a fresh raspberry buttercream, a little taste of summer
  • Strawberry and lemon: available only when we can get the sweetest British strawberries
  • Lemon: a simple yet delicious lemon sponge with a zingy lemon curd buttercream, ideal for wedding cakes
  • Victoria sponge: classic sponge cake with cream & jam
  • Madeira cake: this has a slightly firmer texture than a traditional sponge and is a popular choice for stacked wedding cakes

Gluten free* recipes

  • Chocolate brownies: our indulgent chocolate brownies have become a huge hit on our market stalls, most people can’t believe they don’t contain gluten. Sometimes they’re plain, sometimes we add salted caramel, fresh raspberries or black cherries
  • Carrot cake: we have a fabulous carrot cake recipe which just happens to be made with gluten free flour, it comes with a cream cheese frosting

Vegan^ recipes

  • Lemon drizzle: we’ve found a recipe for vegan lemon drizzle cake that we think is better than the regular recipe so, we pretty much only make the vegan recipe now
  • Chocolate and orange: very similar recipe to the lemon drizzle, this cake uses fresh orange juice and comes with a dark chocolate topping

Allergy and other dietry information

* We make our gluten free recipes with gluten free flour and other ingredients that do not contain gluten.

^ Our vegan recipes contain no eggs or dairy ingredients (butter and milk, for example).

All of the recipes listed above are suitable for vegetarians. We do sometimes make a rocky road with marshmallows, which contain gelatine.

All of the eggs we use are British free range.

fhrs_5_en-gbThere are 14 recognised food allergens in total (including things like gluten, milk, eggs, nuts, and peanuts), all of which are present in our kitchen at one time or another.

We can provide you with details of which recipes are known to contain which food allergens, please email us if you have any questions about this.

We take great care to avoid cross-contamination, however we cannot guarantee any of our recipes are 100% free of any of the 14 recognised food allergens.

If you want to know more about food allergens, take a look at the Food Standards Agency website.

Our kitchen has been awarded the highest Food Standards Agency food hygiene rating of 5 (very good) by Salford Council, and you can see our food hygiene certificate online.